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Buying Your Dream

Rain taps on the window beneath a featureless grey blanket of gloom. Mid-afternoon fades into a glum semi-darkness and even the trees, for months resplendent in their summer dress, have given up and stand twitching in the winds, all naked and glum. It can mean only one thing - October is upon us..

Four day Inspection visits ONLY 129 including flights and accommodation - refunded when you buy one of our properties (CONDITIONS APPLY)

  Finding Your Dream Property
In 2005 thousands of families took long holidays in their own holiday homes on the Costa Blanca, Spain in 80 degrees of uninterrupted sunshine, or discovering the relaxing countryside of the Dordogne, France or even witnessing the ever changing culture of Shanghai.

Foreign property, as an investment, has become a more and more popular in recent years. Form this trend have grown mature market in Spain France Italy and other parts of Eurpoe. This has been escallated buy strong economies and equity gained in rising property value all accross Europe.

As an investor you have you very own personal reasons for your investment but the decisions that lie ahead are complex. Questions on which country, region, type of property, cash or mortgage, private or commercial, notary or solicitor, direct from the builder, through and agent or private sale with the vendor, how do you know it is a sound investment and not just someone off loading a mill stome...all need to be addressed.

With considerable growth in prices over recent years in some markets with further projected increases predicted and others giving the perception of slow down ...just where DO you start.................... Your Home In The Sun, that's where.

There has never been a better time to invest in property. Historically property has proved to be a sound investment. At Your Home In The Sun we can find fincas in Spain for under £20'000, town houses in Italy for just £10'000 or even properties in America for and Amazing $50.00, yes just Fifty Dollars, but not all of these deals will appael to everyone. This is why we have a team of dedicated sales and after-sales staff will guide you all the way.

Whatever your reason, whatever you chosen country and whatever stage you're at “Your News In The Sun" is a must read especially our exclusive features.... so sign-up now and dont forget to request the FREE factsheets.

  Why buy an investment home?

There are two different types of answers to this question the first is emotive and includes emotions such as desire, need, longing, ambition, and passion. These are personal and can only be defined by you.

The second type of answer are the tangible benefits these we can help with.. well actually our satisfied clients can to be more exact. Here are just some of the reasons they gave for buying their dream.

• A FANTASTIC long term invstment.
• Properties are increasing in value by 20%+ each year I needed to get in...and quick.
• Better weather, more sunshine and less rain.
• Cheaper cost of living.
• Great lifestyle
• A healthier environment.
• Holiday accommodation that you own and will gain value.
• Ideal retirement home
• My pension goes further here.
• To be close to relatives
• Residual income from rentals
• Emigrated to get away from the increasing taxes in the UK
• Could no longer afford to live in the UK

Here are 3 examples of how the property market on the Costa Blanca has grown over the last 4 years and it show no signs of slowing.

Mr & Mrs H have had a holiday home on the Costa Blanca, Spain since 2001 then it cost them £68k now it is valued at £125k

Miss H of Sussex bought her 3 bedroom Bulgarian house in 2002 for £44k it is now valued at £120k

Mr B from Teesside purchased two, 2 bedroom apartments on a Portugese golf course in July 2004 for £116k each even before completion the value has risen to £123k.

These valuations were obtained from 3 independent property valuers in January 2005. They are only indicative of previous property price performance and are in no way a guarantee of future property value gains.

We have a wide range of Resale and New Build properties from studios for a quick retreat to town houses in traditional villages and from apartments with sea views to villas over looking golf courses. Before you buy a property anywhere have a look at our website and learn about the different areas, browse through our properties, but remember these are just an example. We have new instructions submitted every day from countries from all over the world to view them simply Contact Us and arrange an inspection trip with us and receive £500 Cash Back on completion.


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